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Welcome to the Synaptic Trust.

We are a learning community which creates chances for dreamers, idea makers and innovators to connect, thrive and outperform.

Upcoming Events

West Thornton Primary Academy

  • 30th March 2017
    Parents Evening
  • 31st March 2017
    End of Spring Term
  • 03rd April 2017
    End of Term Holidays

Forest Academy

  • 12th September 2016
    Whole School Achievement Assembly
  • 10th January 2017
    Gymnastics Club
  • 23rd January 2017

South Norwood Academy

  • 24th February 2017
    Learn and lunch for Reception and Year 6
  • 01st March 2017
    Learn and Lunch for Year 1
  • 03rd March 2017
    Learn and lunch for Year 5

The Woodside Academy

  • 23rd February 2017
    Learning Journey Review meetings
  • 27th February 2017
    Book Fair Week
  • 28th February 2017
    Learning Journey Reveiw Meetings

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