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The Board of Directors, the body that oversees the running of the SYNAPTIC TRUST, meets once or twice each term and is supported in its work by the Company Secretary and Company Clerk.

The Articles of Association, which defines the Trust’s constitution, makes provision for a board with a maximum of eleven directors.

Directors will:

Implement world class growth and learning

Deliver “Wow”, “Fun” and “Challenging” opportunities

Have a growth mind-set and embrace drive and change

Be daring, creative and open-minded

Be passionate and resolute

Build positive teams

Be strong communicators

Be calm, trustworthy and humble

This section sets out the duties, role and functions of the Directors of the company. The term of office for these appointments is four years (save for the Chief Executive Officer) subject to being reappointed or re-elected.

The Synaptic Trust Board of Directors currently consists of:

Interim CEO - Ann Debono - appointed 1 May 2019

Company Secretary – Julie Newman - appointed 1 January 2014

To see the Register of Interest for September 2018 and attendance for academic year 2017 to 18 please click here.

Director resignations for academic year 2018 to 19:

Director and CEO Synaptic Trust – Stuart Roberts (CEO) - appointed 18 July 2013 retired 30 April 2019

Sridhar Athreya - appointed 5 December 2018 - Resigned 22 April 2019

Keith Kirby - appointed 1 September 2017 - Resigned 20 February 2019

Remi Ladega - appointed 1 September 2016 - Resigned 1 February 2019

Karen Dugan - re-appointed 1 September 2017 - Resigned 21 November 2018

 The Functions of the Directors 

Oversee the achievement of the strategic aims and each individual academy's priorities;
Be responsible for the company's financial performance, accounts and annual report;

Please click here to see the Directors Code of Conduct. 

For further information about the  Synaptic Trust and for copies of the minutes of the meeting please contact Julie Newman (Company Secretary)  at