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Mission Statement

The Synaptic Trust - Creating Futures for All


We are a learning community which creates chances for dreamers, idea makers and innovators to connect, thrive and outperform. We empower our children to use their skills as divergent thinkers, responsible role models and leaders to carve out their own futures, and become extraordinary citizens.

We are passionate that all schools in our family are free to follow their own destinies based on the needs and aspirations of their investors. Our uniqueness and different strengths ensures that our communities grow and prosper and that we have opportunities to support and learn from each other as we create futures for all.

Inclusion Statement

At The Synaptic Trust all children are valued inspired and respected within our happy, welcoming academy community.

We set high expectations for all our children. Practitioners give every child the opportunity to experience success in their learning, by providing a relevant and challenging curriculum with an emphasis on personalised learning.

Strategic Aims