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WT - Coding with Sphero

Posted on March 12, 2018

Our Sphero Coding Club and Sphero Coding Children’s University has been taken to different heights this term. The children really have taken to this like a Sphero on water! It is incredible what they have achieved in such a short time, their ideas and problem solving skills have shone through so brightly.

Sphero is a robotic ball which moves on coded commands using a specialised app, whether it’s making it jump, tackling a ramp or going for a swim. The children have taken the basics and have turned into our Sphero Pro’s.

They have coded mazes and tested each other’s Sphero expertise with twists and turns and road blocks. They have also carried out investigations looking at timing speeds on different textured flooring (Sand, Water, Concrete and Wood) and have even tried long jump in sand using the ramps.

Watch our video to see what our Sphero Pro’s have mastered so far!