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Forest Academy Hosts “Women of Valour”

Posted on April 07, 2015

Forest Academy – Synaptic Trust, in Shirley, has hosted over fifty mothers at a “Women of Valour” event at which they were joined by their child or children to undertake a wide range of activities.

Over fifty mothers began the morning with a presentation, which focussed on the importance of support networks, the role of fathers and other male role models and how to manage the breakdown of relationships. Special emphasis was placed on how to give support for a child’s educational journey and how to ensure children continue to receive the love and boundaries they need in order to grow into safe and emotionally healthy adults. Attendees had the opportunity to share their experiences, ask questions and enjoy the camaraderie in the group.

After a pause for breakfast in the school’s dining hall, the mothers were joined by their children of all ages, from Nursery to Year 6 for some mother-child activities, including biscuit decorating, reading, construction activities and using iPads to support learning.

The event was run in partnership with the charity, “Mighty Men of Valour”, which aims to improve the lives of boys, men, husbands and fathers so that they in turn make a significant and beneficial difference to the lives of their children, their spouse and of those in their community. “Women of Valour” was developed in response to numerous requests by women who wanted to benefit from an equivalent programme that supported the aims and objectives of the men’s programme.

Eileen Wray, Deputy Headteacher at the Forest Academy, and organiser of the event said, “It was such a pleasure to see the mums and their children working together on the activities and to witness the support that the mothers gave each other. We are lucky to have a strong and supportive community within the school. This event went a step further to strengthen that network. Huge thanks to the team at Mighty Men of Valour who shared their insights and wisdom.”