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Forest Academy School Council visits….............

Posted on July 11, 2019

School Council Visit to The Shrublands Trust

On Thursday 4th July, members of the School Council visited The  Shrublands Trust where they were met by Beverley Warner.  Once there, the children helped to unpack bags of donations, sorted the food into different categories such as pasta, vegetables and soup and wrote the expiry date on each item so that it was clearly visible.  They were then split into teams and given a list of items to make up food parcels for small, medium and large-sized families which are designed to contain enough to feed them for up to 3 days.    They learnt about the vital service that foodbanks provide for the local community.  So far this year, The Shrublands Trust have helped to feed well over 100 local families and Forest Academy will continue to support this very worthy cause.