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Robot Football

Posted on May 01, 2018

Yesterday our Sphero Pro’s met the Sphero Master, Miles. He taught them some great coding skills using Robot Football. Solutions Inc designed a Football Activity Mat for the use of coding Sphero’s to pass the to another opponent and penalty shootout.  

The first activity was to code the Sphero to turn 180 degree’s and pass to another player on your team, exactly how a football game would start. The Sphero Pro’s had to work out the Speed, Duration and the Angle of each pass, with their team work and a great resilience skills they overcome the challenge.

They were then tasked with passing the ball on and taking a shot. So from what they have coded already they then needed to add code to make those moves. Then came the penalty shootout, just like an actual football game the excitement and enthusiasm was incredible, as a nervous goalkeeper waited to see if the coded Sphero would make it into their goal! The crowd went wild as it perfectly sat in the back of the net!

By the end the Master had passed on what he knew and this was all a piece of cake for them. They are ready to take on harder challenges!

Huge thank you to the Solutions Inc Team for making the afternoon so exhilarating and packed full of coding skills! The children enjoyed every moment whilst learning.