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WT - Year 6 Conference at University Hospital Croydon

Posted on December 12, 2017

Year 6 conference on the mutation of TCOF1 and its impact on chromosome 5

Year 6 children held their conference on Genetic Disorders at University Hospital Croydon today to an audience of doctors who were experts and/ or interested in this particular field of medicine.

Inspired by the book Wonder, this story of overcoming challenge and the complexity of living with Treacher Collins Syndrome, captivated our children’s interest in science as well as the underlining themes of kindness and empathy.

Throughout the project year six have explored many areas relating to the disorder. Over time they put together a conference which focused the scientific causes of Treacher Collins and Microtia, specifically. They studied the impact of the TCOF1 mutation on chromosome 5, treatments both present and future medical advances. Part of their presentation also involved a breakdown of the cell.

Time was taken to consider the uniqueness of each of us and how inspirational people suffering from genetic disorders are. There was a real appreciation for the strength of character and determination to live life to the fullest.

The expert audience were impressed by the children’s depth of knowledge, professionalism and understanding. One doctor stated that “At this point you know more than I do on this disorder. I have learnt quite a lot from today’s conference”