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WTPA newsletter number 6

Posted on March 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 

The teachers have been busy this week with two professional development meetings. Firstly, Nav Sanghara (Executive Headteacher of the Inspire Partnership) spoke to colleagues about the Inspire Global Citizen Curriculum, which has now been implemented at West Thornton. It is designed to ensure pupils develop core knowledge and skills leading to high quality learning outcomes, as well as developing pupils’ confidence to make a difference in the world. Secondly, the teachers spent time together this week to develop their art teaching skills. They looked at sequencing lessons, key vocabulary, modelling outcomes and actually got to paint too! We are looking forward to some impressive artwork to display and share with you by the end of this term.

In assemblies this week we have been learning about the Coronavirus. The children have been asking us lots of questions and we discussed effective hand washing, catching sneezes in tissues and sensible contact. We told the children that we needed to stay safe to protect those that are more vulnerable than themselves. The children understand that this is a team effort and we need to work together as a community to protect each other. We are keeping the hand sanitiser dispensers topped up!  We are sent updates from the DfE on a daily basis and we have also spoken to the community nursing team on best practice. If there are any updates we will inform you immediately. Please make sure that the office has your current email address and mobile phone number. 

Parent consultation evenings are on the 1st and 2nd of April. This year we are introducing a new online booking system which simplifies things no end, especially for families with multiple siblings. A letter will be going out next week.

The behaviour policy continues to embed itself into our daily practice. Pupils are working hard to earn stars and we should be seeing our first certificates for 20 stars in a couple of weeks. If you would like more information about the policy, you will find it on our website.

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