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At Forest Academy, we believe in the importance of a strong partnership between the school and our families.

We therefore try to look for as many opportunities as possible to encourage our parents and carers to play a greater role in their child’s education.

Pupils' targets are shared with parents during Parents' Evenings. However, parents and carers don’t have to wait until these times to have a browse through your children’s books...they are able to just pop in and make an appointment with their child’s class teacher, to view them.

Year group letters, Partners in Learning, are sent out once every half term/term. They show what is going to be taught and how parents and carers can support at home. These letters can also be found on our Managed Learning Environment (MLE).

Our Family Communication book gives parents and carers an opportunity to keep a record of when they hear their child read – teachers keep their own detailed records of reading targets and progress in their own files. If parents or carers want to ask a question or have a concern, then they are able to write it in the communication book. Teachers may also use the communication book to ask parents and carers to work on something specific or to ask a question.

We regularly hold different Parent Workshops based around literacy, numeracy, ICT and Science, in which parents and carers can work with their child on practical activities and find out how to help them with their learning outside of school.

An annual report is sent out at the end of the year. This includes statements on progress made, effort and achievement grades, strengths and target sections and an opportunity for children to self-evaluate.

Questionnaires are sent out throughout the year to solicit views on what we can do to improve. Ideas are fed to governors in our Strategic Planning Committee Meetings, which in turn helps to create our Improvement Plan.

Our monthly newsletter is sent out once a month with important dates for the diary and items of news.

The Principal, Head of School and Deputies' doors are always open for parents or carers to come and have a chat if they are free. If not, its always possible to ask one of the administrative staff to set up an appointment.

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