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21st Century Technology

The effective use of technology is at central to how and what we teach at Forest Academy.

We are committed to ensuring our pupils leave Forest Academy equipped with the skills and motivation to become effective, productive, creative and safe users of technology.

Effective and innovative use of technology leads to improved outcomes for writing, motivated and engaged pupils, broader access to digital resources and increased opportunities for creativity coupled with the development of the life skills needed to achieve this. At Forest Academy we are committed technology and this commitment is reflected in recent investments in our infrastructure and equipment:

Pupils at Forest Academy are now engaged with blogging, film-making, website development, coding and many other technology related activities. Teachers are using our high speed broadband connection to bring the curriculum alive and the world into our classrooms. We are using Video Conferencing to provide our pupils with unforgettable learning opportunities and experiences.


Michael Morpurgo - video conference




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