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At Forest Academy, we believe that learning goes on all through our life and that everyone, regardless of age or ability can get better at learning.

We therefore talk to our children about ‘building their learning power’ and ‘strengthening their learning muscles’.

We have identified the top 17 skills and attributes of the most successful learners and set about making them explicit to all our children so they can learn to develop them for themselves. To make it easier for the children to remember we use four super hero characters who embody the learning skills. This provides pupils and teachers with a clear language for talking about learning, even in the early years.

Learning Powers acknowledge the fact that children don't stop learning when they leave school, but all humans have the ability to learn new things at whatever age, and get better at learning.

'Learning Powers' are related to specific skills that children need in order to become better learners. All of the skills (learning powers) are transferable skills that can be called upon during all aspects of life beyond the classroom.

The superhero characters below embody the 17 skills and help children to identify when they are using them themselves.

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