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Celebrating Success

February 28 2018

Maths Circus

Some of our mathematicians from year 5 took part in a Maths Circus at Old Palace, where they were challenged with different problems to solve. It was a roaring success - well done to all who took part!

February 28 2018

Forest Academy’s Got Talent

Who knew there was so much talent at Forest Academy? We did!

We had acts from singing, to rapping, from steel pans to gymnastics, and a fantastic afternoon it was. Our first and second place were won be a group from 4.1 (singing) and a group from year 6 (rapping and dancing). I wonder what acts we will have next year!

February 28 2018

Young Voices Choir

Our choir - after months and months of rehearsals, perfomed in a 7000-strong choir at The O2. It was a wonderful experience. The choir had to learn and remember the lyrics to 17 songs, from Stevie Wonder to a cartoon theme tune medley.

"It was the best night of my life! I want to keep doing music and maybe even become a musician." Year 5 child