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Curriculum Areas

Our curriculum is designed using different units or themes within each year group.

The emphasis is on concrete and practical experiences which are meaningful for our pupils.

Science and ICT

Science fosters a natural curiosity about the world. Children naturally engage with the world around them and our science curriculum provides the opportunity for this to be nurtured, their knowledge enhanced and their understanding to be developed. We value scientific enquiry and investigation as an important aspect of the science curriculum. Children are able to plan, make links between their ideas and communicate their findings using rich scientific language and through conventional diagrams, charts and graphs allowing them to continue to reflect on the work in a meaningful way.

We are fully aware of the huge role played by technology and that it is a vital element of today's society. With this in mind, we aim to develop the children's use of technology in all subjects to prepare and enable them to be fully digitally literate with the skills that they need for the future.



We want our pupils to develop an appreciation of their place in time and space. To know that they are a product of the past and their actions will have an affect on the future. We emphasise the enquiry skills prevalent in these subjects and seek to develop pupils reasoning and questioning abilities.

As a multi-faith school we feel the responsibility to promote tolerance and understanding of all religious faiths. Our curriculum gives each year group a unit which focuses on a different faith and others which are integrated in to other challenges.

Design Technology (DT)

DT is taught with a cross-curricular approach at Forest Academy. Our curriculum develops children’s collaborative, creative thinking and problem solving skills and gives the children the opportunity to experience real life problems and scenarios in which DT can be applied.

We try to make DT a fun learning experience whether it be through the creation of a electrical robot in the style of The Iron Man or coming up with a brand new ice-cream.

Modern Foreign Languages

We have chosen Spanish to be our target language for Key Stage 2. In addition to this, we are keen to foster a passion for learning about languages and other cultures in our Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children. Therefore, we introduce our Year 1 and 2 children to MFL through games, stories, videos, and interactive technologies, focussing around vocabulary and intercultural understanding, to initiate and nurture the idea of themselves as citizens of a global community.

In KS2 we use a variety of techniques to encourage the children to have an active engagement in the modern foreign language and emphasise the listening and speaking skills over those of reading and writing.

Creative Arts

We understand the importance of creative arts and aim to develop pupils’ skills, knowledge and appreciation in music, art and drama. We acknowledge the powerful effect work in these areas can have on pupils, and the transferable skills that are developed, as well as confidence.

Physical Education (PE)

We actively encourage all our pupils to adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle. All pupils are given opportunities in games, dance, gym, swimming and outdoor. Both sports coaches and teaching staff provide extra curricular clubs for both Key Stage 1 and 2.

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