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Learning Outside the Classroom

Here at Forest Academy, we are extremely fortunate that our grounds are extensive.

The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

The Outdoor Classroom

In the EYFS, children have continual access to the newly designed outdoor woodland area.  The outdoor classroom is then continued into Year 1 where children have daily outdoor experiences.

In the rest of the school, we look for every opportunity when planning, to improve the effectiveness of a lesson by taking it outside.  There is at least one topic within the curriculum in each year group which specifically incorporates the Forest School philosophy.

Enriching the Curriculum

Children also have opportunities to benefit from the school grounds with extra-curricular provision, such as the gardening group.  We are beginning to develop a calendar of events to enjoy and make further use of our grounds.

Our whole school curriculum map is designed so that pupils have wider outdoor experiences, beyond the school ground, to accompany each topic. This is an essential part of our curriculum. These vary from local area walks, ties with local businesses, to museum, art gallery and theatre visits etc. We also endeavour to learn from links globally via the internet.

Extending the Learning via the MLE

We place a great deal of emphasis on our MLE as a vehicle for extending learning beyond the classroom.  Classroom pages reflect what is going on at schoo and pupils are encouraged to use the MLE at home to contribute to various forums and to upload work.

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