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Pupil Voice

"Young Voices concert at The O2 was the best night ever! We got to sing with thousands of other children and it sounded amazing."

Hope, Aalania and Shania - Year 6

"I like playing and cutting the playdough. And there are lots of things to do outside. I like the bikes."

Erasline, Reception

"I love running around in the trees outside. It gives me exercise."

Shemeon, Reception

"I like watching the guinea pigs because I like seeing them eat food. They bite your fingers if you put them in the cage but I dont do that."

Sophie, Reception

"I enjoy literacy because I get to write alot."

Kymecie, Year 1

"I loved doing our Christmas play. I liked the singing and all the aliens had to move around the hall. An aliend came to our class - I was a little scared meeting him but I'm OK now. I've done lots of thinking and listening this term. If we don't listen, we might get our challenges wrong."

Sophie, Year 1

"We wrote all about the Great Fire and now I know lots about it."

Alvaro, Year 2

"We got to make Tudor Houses and some of our parents came in to help."

Maria, Year 2

"We made a film about Little Red Riding Hood. It was good because we went to the woods to collect sticks. Then we were artists and made things with them."

Abigail and Jayden, Year 2

"I'm a muslim so I really enjoyed our Islam topic, especially when we went to the mosque. I could help my class mates find out about things."

Fawaz, Year 3

"I really loved our planet competition. We had to make our own planet at home and we had lots of fun learning about the moon and stars."

Hannah, Year 3

"We went shopping and had £1 each to buy our favourite bread. We had a list and had to check prices at Sainsburys."

Emily, Year 3

"When we make stuff, we get really absorbed. We absorb our learning to share with our parents at home."

Omar and Sarah, Year 3

"We went to a Viking workshop. We heard stories about the Gods then at the end, we had a fake battle."

Connor, Year 4

"I actually got to see and feel how the Vikings had to work and I'm so glad that I don't have to."

Fatmata, Year 4

"The best thing about Einstein was when we did the science show to the whole school with all the experiments together. We got to show everyone what we had learnt.

For the Egyptians, we got to wrap each other in tissue. It linked with history, literacy and numeracy. Some people got up to 167 metres but thats because they mummified the legs too much!

We made the Gods and put them in the corridor to guard our classrooms."

Rhianna, Batcha and William, Year 5

"It was really interesting comparing what it was like in Goodnight Mr Tom to today. I learnt new things and found out how they lived back then. I could empathise with how the children felt in the War."

Priscilla, Year 6

"I really enjoyed creating our website because we had to use our imagination and had to make sure all the pages were different so it wasnt boring."

Rebecca, Year 6

"I enjoyed learning about evacuees and how they felt. I could really step into their shoes."

Joanna, Year 6