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From Athletics to Sewing Musical Bumps to Cookery

We run a wide variety of clubs throughout the year for all year groups.
We know that children enjoy a wide range of activities, so we aim to offer a range of clubs.

We think there is a club for everybody!

Athletics  Street Dance  Drawing  Art & DT  Football  Cookery  Lego  Homework  Basketball ICT Multi-Sports  Film   Painting Sewing  Musical Bumps  Cheerleading

Clubs change on a termly basis, so be sure to watch out for the termly letter.

Make sure you fill in the form to secure your place!

Clubs are £2.45 per session or £6.50 per term for children entitled to Pupil Premium funding.
See our Newsletters for club details at the start and end of each term.

If you think you could offer a new club, please let us know.