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Nursery & Reception

Early Years Foundation Stage-
Nursery and Reception

We offer happy and purposeful environments, where children are encouraged to become independent learners. Staff take care to form good relationships with the children and help them to cooperate and collaborate with each other.

Learning in Nursery We offer mornings, or afternoons, or full time if required. Children learn best when they are motivated and interested, so activities are play based, where children are given lots of practical opportunities to explore, experiment and rehearse.  Nursery sessions are free flow, where children can choose from a large variety of activities and resources. Activities are carefully planned to move the children’s learning on. Some activities have a direct adult focus, others arise from child initiated interests.

Learning in Reception We have 3 classes in our new Reception zone. each class is taught by a fully qualified teacher, and supported by a Learning Support Assistant. Places are full time from September. Teachers plan from the EYFS framework, and cover all areas of learning. Children have opportunity to engage in child initiated learning, small focus group learning and whole class sessions. 

Speaking to the Teacher Parents/carers of Nursery and Reception children are able to speak to the teacher briefly at the beginning and end of each session. Staff can arrange to meet with parents after school or parents can ring the office to make an appointment to meet with the teacher at their convenience.