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School Brochure & Uniform

Contact us at the school

or go to Hewitt’s Uniform shop in Church Street, Croydon


Girls: Grey or black tunic, skirt or trousers (short or full length, straight legged and 'tailored' - not 'skin hugging'). White shirt. Kingfisher green jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt.

Boys: Grey trousers. White shirt. Kingfisher greenjumper or sweatshirt.
Polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces with the school badge on are available from Price and Buckland website. 

P.E.: All children need elastic fronted plimsolls for outdoor PE which are best kept in a drawstring bag on their cloakroom peg. Children will need black shorts and a white T-shirt in their PE bag to wear for PE lessons. 
For safety reasons long trousers and tights have to be removed for PE lessons.

Jewellery is generally not allowed in school for two main reasons: Firstly, if it is lost it is difficult to trace and causes a great deal of upset and, secondly, it is a constant source of accidents in schools. One exception to this rule is the small stud earrings. However, these should be very small and not protrude much from the ear lobe. Your support in this matter will be greatly appreciated and will help us in our constant efforts to ensure the children's safety at school.

Long hair should be tied back at all times. Tramlines and mohawk haircuts are not permitted during term times. Other fashion accesories such as nail varnish and make-up are not acceptable in school.

Children must wear black school shoes; fashion boots are NOT acceptable. Boots may only be
worn when the weather is wet. Please do not send your child to school in boots as they will be reminded that shoes should be worn. Trainers are also NOT acceptable. Please support us as we enforce this dress code to help all children look smart and school- ready.

Please be aware the only caps to be worn at school are the plain blue Woodside caps. Other styles are not part of our school uniform. Please see the school office where they are available to buy.

All articles of clothing, bags, footwear etc., should be clearly marked with the owner's name. Watches should, if possible, have the owner's name engraved on the back and, if taken off, must be handed to a teacher for safekeeping.