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Our Curriculum

At The Woodside Academy we pride ourselves in implementing a stimulating and creative curriculum.

Each year group starts each topic with an exciting range of activities that enthuse and help to motivate our children. Learning is brought together at the end of the topic in a purposeful way that gives the children the opportunity to share their knowledge and understanding.

Click here to find out more about our exciting curriculum and how we designed it.

We are using the 'No Outsiders' project to ensure our children are ready for life in modern Britain. 

Most units last for half a term, depending on their coverage. The units learnt in each year group are below:

Year 1

Autumn 1: Me, myself & I Spring 1: Explorers Summer 1: Bug Hunt
Autumn 2: Autumn and Winter Celebrations Spring 2: Food Glorious Food Summer 2: A day at the Seaside

Year 2

Autumn 1: Crystal Palace Spring 1: Caribbean

Summer 1: How can we save our world - Plants

Autumn 2: London Spring 2: Heroes Summer 2: How can we save our world - Animals
- - Summer 2: Moving on at Woodside: Transition

Year 3

Autumn 0: Transition - -
Autumn 1: We are Amazing Spring 1: Use the Force Summer 1: Weather around the World
Autumn 2: Rockstars Spring 2: The Fertile Crescent Summer 2: Jambo Africa!

Year 4

Autumn 1: Journey Through the Amazon Spring: Angry Earth Summer 1: Romans
Autumn 2: Chocolate Spring 2: World without Words Summer 2: Unlikely Heroes

Year 5

Autumn 1: Blast Off! Spring 1: Ancient Greece Summer 1: Deep Down
Autumn 2: Sound Spring 2: Cycling

Summer 2: The Tudors

-   Summer 3: SRE

Year 6

Autumn 1: Let the Battle Commence!   Spring 1:The Explorers Summer 1: Macbeth
Autumn 2: Lending a helping hand   Spring 2: The Human Body Summer 2: Japan
-   - Summer 3: Transition to Secondary School


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