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Pupil Voice

"School's really good and I like being here."

Cairo, Year 1

"School's Brilliant!"

Gabiya, Year 1

"When we need help,

the teachers are always there."

Taniyah, Year 2

"I like using the ICT suite

because it's a place of learning."

Grace, Year 3

"I like having experts in the class

because they help me when I'm stuck."

Shaunak, Year 3

"Woodside is a very

encouraging school."

Josiah, Year 4

"The school is really friendly

and the teachers support our learning."

Anya, Year 4

"School benefits me

because I relish my learning."

Raven, Y5

"Learning can take place anywhere,

even outside of school."

Samir Y5

"The teachers are extremely

encouraging and look after the children."

Jessica, Year 6

"I really like the quiet learning

environment in the classroom."

Oliver, Year 6

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