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Supporting your child at home

All children need the support of their families to develop and extend their learning. No child will succeed to the best of their abilities if home and school are not working together to support and encourage them in their learning journey.
At different stages in their school life your child will receive various home learning tasks; learning that has been started at school and that they need to continue at home to either fully understand it, or to extend what they have learnt. You as parents and carers can add to this in a variety of ways.

We aim:

Throughout this website there are many links to documents and websites that families have found useful when supporting their child(ren) at home. We hope you will find them useful.

Parents' Guide

Michael Tidd wrote some excellent guides on the New Curriculum which you can find on the links below:

Parents Complete Guide

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Parents Guide Year 2

Parents Guide Year 3

Parents Guide Year 4

Parents Guide Year 5

Parents Guide Year 6