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About Us

Welcome to West Thornton Primary Academy.

We are a large three form of entry, expanding to five form, serving a culturally and socially diverse area, situated in a residential area close to Mitcham Common. Ofsted describes us as being “…an outstanding school where pupils benefit greatly from the school’s highly inclusive and happy ethos.”

Our Vision

We are a learning community which creates chances for dreamers, idea makers and innovators to connect, thrive and outperform. We empower our children to use their skills as divergent thinkers, responsible role models and leaders to carve out their own futures, and become extraordinary citizens.

We are passionate that all schools in our family are free to follow their own destinies based on the needs and aspirations of their investors. Our uniqueness and different strengths ensures that our communities grow and prosper and that we have opportunities to support and learn from each other as we create futures for all.

At West Thornton we want to engage pupils to become skilled and self motivated, lifelong learners, through an enjoyable, memorable curriculum which provides pupils with:

Our curriculum encourages active participation from our pupils. It encourages them to grow and achieve in a safe environment built on mutual respect.

Our curriculum is ….


Our curriculum will produce pupils who are ….

Learning Logs

All our children receive regular work to do at home to extend and widen learning. The primary vehicle for this activity is through our learning logs which encourage pupils to demonstrate in whatever way they wish either what they already know about a subject coming up or what they have just learned about an area covered.

These are called preview or review tasks and are kept deliberately open ended so as not to ‘put a lid on’ expectation.

Other homework includes a requirement for daily home reading and a variety of activities on the technology based environments, such as forums and discussions.

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

We value the impact that the Philosophy for Children approach can have with our children. It embodies the emphasis we place on thinking and reasoning. It encourages children to see that there is more than one opinion, one answer, one way of looking at the world and invites them to listen to and appreciate the views of others. It is an important lesson for our children that people can have differing views without it leading to conflict.

It also helps us develop empathy, which we believe to be a crucial life skill.

We have built enquiry focuses into each of our Learning Challenge units but also aim to use these techniques across all lessons in the school. We also have philosophy assemblies, daily morning ‘wake up and think’ sessions and the home /school travelling ‘philosophy spider’ which follows up questions asked at school and encourages children to discuss these further at home.