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Creating a Community of Readers

West Thornton is a school that has always placed importance on developing pupils desire to read for pleasure.

We recognise how important it is to children’s future life chances, to not now just how to read but to choose to read.

"The libraries at West Thornton are very interesting and fun because they make me feel excited to read."

Year 3 pupil

Our teachers model themselves as readers and we use peers in the form of ‘reading champions’ to act as support and inspiration.

Find out more in our statement of intent for the teaching of reading at West Thornton Primary Academy:

Download our Statement

"Being more enthusiastic about reading and a frequent reader was more of an advantage, on its own, than having well-educated parents in good jobs."

Reading for Change, PISA OECD, 2002

Reading in the Early Years


At West Thornton Primary Academy from Reception through to Key Stage One we have adopted a book banding scheme which allows children to be supported by phonic based books, and real books alongside other genres.

All of our early reading books are colour banded. Your child will be given a colour band to choose their home reading book from which will help to ensure that the book they select is at about the right reading level for them. 

Every colour band includes books from a range of reading schemes so that they will experience a range of stories, text types and illustrations.

The majority of books within the early bands can be decoded using phonics skills and knowledge – and the books are designed to  enable the children to make links to their experiences as well as to adopt a rich understanding of language.


Click here to find out how to support your child at home with reading.

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