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At West Thornton we believe ability comes in many forms and should not be defined only by traditional academic criteria.

Every child has capabilities beyond the traditionally academic. Children with high academic ability may have other strengths that are often neglected. Children who struggle with academic work can have outstanding abilities in other areas.

"Creativity is not only an outcome of a good education, but a means of achieving a good education."

Professor Michael Barber, Standards and Effectiveness Unit

Creativity is a fundamental and valuable skill for any human being. It allows new thinking and better ways of problem solving. Above all other skills it may be the most powerful tool to help future citizens survive in a fast changing world. Academic ability alone will no longer guarantee success or personal achievement.

We believe creativity can be taught.

We seek to place our pupil’s learning in a context with real outcomes for them to achieve.

We see the power of wanting to learn a skill or research some information because you need to know and use it now to aide a task, rather than just because it’s in a timetable.

Literacy for Life

Children will leave our Academy with the skills, abilities, and above all, confidence to communicate their thoughts and ideas in written and spoken form. We place an emphasis on the development of speaking and listening skills throughout the school.

At West Thornoton we give over a lot of curriculum time to the teaching of reading and writing skills, we look to exploit the opportunities open to us in other subject areas to practice literacy skills.

A love for reading is at the heart of our school with units of work led by particular authors or texts. We embrace the importance of providing a quality reading environment (both indoor and outdoor), a wide range of texts and opportunities to work with visiting authors. As a school we empower our Reading Mentors to encourage and support others in their read, leading projects across the key stages.

Numeracy for Life

Our focus in numeracy is about giving the children confidence and skills to tackle number and problem solving tasks at school and in real life. We want our children to enjoy mathematics and be able to apply their knowledge to real situations.

We look to exploit all the potential for mathematics learning in every activity and thus integrate the subject with others. However, as with other subjects, we acknowledge the need to teach some specific skills as stand alone lessons- i.e when they are needed for a current task.

We also see the development of pupil’s economic awareness as vital for their future well being. Therefore, all year groups have a LC unit with an enterprise focus.

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