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Integrated Challenge Curriculum

What is a LC curriculum?

Our curriculum is based upon the work of Clive Davies. It covers all the requirements of the NC but is arranged around a number of enquiry based themes for each year group.

It works on the philosophy that pupils are more engaged when they are interested in the subject matter and delivery and that they enjoy responding to a challenge.

It also allows scope for the teacher to plan some of the content around the pupils’ own interests and enable learners to take the enquiry off in their own direction. This is a key feature.

The emphasis is on activities which make the children think. The teachers’ role should be primarily one of asking questions rather than giving answers.

Much of the content is integrated and cross- curricular- but this is not the most important factor. Where things do not ‘fit’ they can stand alone but they enquiry approach should still be taken.
There is a higher emphasis placed on the foundation subjects.

We have designed the curriculum to be as streamlined as possible - as many of the things which ‘stop’ the learning as possible have been removed, so teachers can have a clear flow through their day.

Assessment at West Thornton

Our approach to assessment.


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