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Pupil Voice

"My learning powers have helped me improve my work and myself as a learner. I know when to persevere and work on my own or when to ask for help"

Tianna Y5

"This year at school was an adventure for me! At first I thought it would be scary - but it was really quite fun"

Ethan Y4

"Being a good learner means a lot to me"

Caius Y4

"The school gives us opportunities to raise money in an educational way like our sponsored spell or our enterprise day"

Samuya Y6

"West Thornton is a super school because you learn lots of different things in interesting ways"

Jake Y3

"The lessons are fun at West Thornton and when you use your Learning Powers they help you with your work and you can complete it more effectively"

Daron Y6

"I learn best when I do my feedback because it helps me get better"

Sabaoen Y2

"I learn best when I am revising my work because it makes me get better at what I am doing"

Ilijah Y2